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Your Full Service Mobile Bartending Solution

We know how much this occasion means to you. You’ve been hard at work planning the details, and you want everything to go perfectly. Most importantly, you want your guests to be entertained, served well, and taken care of. Among all the components you’re concerned with, we’re here to handle one of the most vital parts of your event for you, the drink service.

Whether you’re hosting your company’s holiday party or a sophisticated wedding reception, The Bartend Agency is dedicated to creating an experience your guests be talking about long after the lights turn up for closing time. Relax & enjoy yourself as we create your cocktail menu, entertain your guests and provide incredible drinks & service.

Relax. Let Us Do All The Work

When it comes to serving drinks for your party, we’ll take care of it all. From alcohol estimates and costing to menu planning and custom cocktail creation, you’ll be comforted knowing that the details of your beverage service are being handled by professionals. With the Bartend Agency, you can loosen up and enjoy your event, worry-free.

Serious Cocktail Craftsmanship

Sometimes, beer and wine just won’t do for everyone. From an exceptionally made Old Fashioned or martinis to rounds of custom specialty cocktails, your guests appreciate having a wide range of drink options. You’ll make your guests feel special, not just because you’re awesome, but because you’ve provided them with exactly what you knew they wanted, a delicious, handcrafted cocktail.

Bring The Party To You

Hosting with professional bartenders takes your event to the next level. A full-service bar adds an exciting dynamic to your event that can’t be replicated by other means. You’ll be happy to know your guests are in good hands, being entertained and served by our hand-picked, professional staff. (Witty bartender banter included at no extra charge).

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Cost Efficient Drink Services

We’ve set out to bring you the best party imaginable while being cost-efficient for your event, so you come in under budget. Next to hiring a chainsaw juggling circus clown, there isn’t much else that will entertain your guests, create a lively party, and give you as much value for the cost. Most importantly, our entertainment comes in the form of crafting ridiculously good drinks exclusively for you and your guests. Don't hesitate, contact us today!

Our Simple Process Makes Your Event Planning Easy

Working with us is as straightforward as filling out a form and having a quick conversation to solidify the details. We come to your event, bring the best drinks and even better service, and leave you and your guest imbibed and satisfied. With over 10 years of experience throwing parties, from small private parties to giant wedding receptions, we have our methods down to a science. We’ll make sure your event is efficient and amazing.

The Mobile Bartending Service Everyone Is Talking About

Don’t just take our word for it. We started out as a one-man-show, helping a few friends add some flair to their events as the dedicated bartender, and since then, The Bartend Agency has grown into the best bartending service for hire in the greater Chicago and South Bend areas. We’ve helped turn hundreds of events, large and small, into exceptional experiences, and we have the track record to prove it. We travel, too!

There Are A Lot Of Reasons Why We’re The Best Bartending Service In South Bend, IN, and Chicago, IL And The Surrounding Areas

✪ We take the pressure off your shoulders – You’ll have a blast knowing we’re entertaining your guests and have all the beverage details covered

✪ Instantly raise the energy level of your event – Let us charm, wow and treat your guests with our professional, energetic staff

✪ Keep your guests entertained – There’s an allure to watching a bartender work their magic, and although we won’t be juggling chainsaws like that clown you wanted to hire, we’ll make sure to put on a show

✪ You can relax – We’ll show up early and pump up the party throughout the event, staying as late as the party goes and until everything is fully cleaned

✪ Freedom to select your perfect venue – With our multiple, efficient, state of the art, portable yet sizable bars, we’ll show up and hydrate your guests anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t room for a bar; we’ll make room

Professional Bartending Services

Here’s a look at what we can do for you. If you don’t see a service that fits your needs, just send us a message for a custom quote!